The Mystery of the Lost Recipe
The Mystery of the Lost Recipe Book Cover
Kids Riding Bikes
ISBN-10: 1620861089
ISBN-13: 9781620861080
Publisher: Mascot Books

Have you ever dreamed about solving mysteries in your community? Abby and Tommy love to solve mysteries in their small, beach town called Pismo. Today they are on an adventure to help Mr. Nut, the owner of the Orange Surf Restaurant, and find his lost recipe before it’s too late.

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About the Author

Mr. Jones teaches and coaches students from elementary to high school levels. He grew up on the central coast of California. Mr. Jones was inspired to write children stories while teaching elementary students in the state of Utah.

“This book is a joy to read and provides an excellent example to children of what they can accomplish when they eat a balanced diet and exercise their bodies and their minds. Having three kids of my own that prefer video games to vegetables I am going to introduce them to Tommy and Abby and maybe they can help me solve a mystery or two when I lose something, which happens all too often. I'd like to thank Mr. Jones for writing an easy-to-understand book on balancing diet, exercise, and mental activity for kids that is easy and fun to read."
—Tim Trask
Parent of three, VA

The Mystery of the Lost Recipe is a whimsical tale of adventure. Not only can children follow along and help solve the mystery but they are also taught about the importance of nutrition and wellness.”
—Autumn Orme
Communications and Development Coordinator at Mental Health Association of Montgomery County