It’s Unique!

It’s Unique!

*Kids love learning from other kids and in this story, the kids are the experts. Taking place roughly one year after the divorce, the characters have lived through the changes brought on by the divorce for long enough to start to have a real idea about the ways it has affected them, what they wish had been done differently, and what happened that made things easier than they imagined they would be.

*While there is no escaping the fact that divorce can be difficult to experience, this book weaves a bit of humor into the subject, which is critical. It is not done to minimize the topic, but instead to remind readers there are still reasons to laugh and smile.

*After the characters finish telling their story, the reader has a chance to share some thoughts, feelings, drawings, hopes, and worries in the journal provided. Just like the characters in the story, it also gives the readers pages meant to be filled in with new insights and reflections after a year has passed since the divorce.

It’s Inclusive!

*Divorce takes place within families from all nationalities; the effects are felt by children from a variety of multicultural backgrounds. Each culture and community reacts to and handles divorce differently. The multicultural characters in the story represent children all over the world. These children are not kept silent about divorce, but are seen clearly deriving strength and healing from talking about it, learning from each other, and sharing their common thoughts and feelings.

*A family is a family, and a divorce is a divorce. To children, it doesn’t matter if divorce is taking place between their parents who may be of the same gender, different gender, between foster parents, grandparents who raised them, or any other family dynamic. In this story, there is no mention of a mother, father, step-mother, step-father, foster parent, or any other title given to a child’s particular caregiver. The only title used is “parent”, making this a truly inclusive book. All families will feel honored and included.

It’s Meant For…

From young readers up through parents and caregivers, Now I Know is for anyone wanting to learn about the feelings, wishes, and worries that children have during a divorce.

The characters are composites of many of my young clients over the years, so by reading this book, you are learning from hundreds of children all at once. Now I Know is an important guide for parents and children as well as therapists, social workers, divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, clergy, pediatricians, nurses, school counselors, teachers, and others. Professionals can read this and give it to families and children they are helping.