Lator Tartan Gator
Later Tartan Gator Book Cover

A New Orleans Tale

Gator gets a shocking fright after some visitors to Audubon Zoo ignore the signs saying: “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS AT ANY TIME.” How will Gator solve his colorful problem? Will anyone or anything come to his rescue?

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About the Author

Lorraine Johnston is from Glasgow, Scotland. She was a children’s nanny for thirteen years and spent many hours making up stories for them using her vivid imagination. This was always met with giggles and laughter. She worked for a New Orleans family, and through them, was introduced to The Crescent City. After many years and many visits, she considers New Orleans to be her home away from home. Lorraine started writing in October 2011 and quickly discovered how much she enjoyed creating children’s stories. She was passionate about writing a book set in New Orleans, while adding a little Scottish flavor to her story. Later Tartan Gator is her first children’s book, but it certainly won’t be her last!
Also available in eBook format.
ISBN-10: 1620861089
ISBN-13: 9781620861080
Publisher: Mascot Books
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